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After 9 months of considerations, designing, prototyping, shaping, confection, painting, assembling, completion, I am finally arriving.

Hello, my name is Marionito. With my 3.7kgs and my 27cm of height, I am the perfect size for all people from 4 to 97 years old. My right hand gives you 31 notes and my left hand gives you 32 bass. Also, I have a Bluetooth connection for accompaniments or pre recorded music.

I purpose it to you to enliven your parties between friends without too much effort and with simplicity. With the music scores or tablatures (numbering of buttons), you could be introduced to the music quickly and then train your friends to festive, delirious or serious karaokes… it depends on you.

I dream of longs trips and sharing all over the world. My designers have covered me with a world map to guide me through different and varying countries.

My brothers and sisters will soon go to Argentina, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Burkina Faso,… and on internet we will share our experiences about folk, local or improvised music. The idea is to exchange videos, partitions and happiness of people from all the world.


So… do not hesitate one more second and join us in the” Marionaute” community, I purpose you the firsts tablatures with lyrics as well as the first videos. See you soon!  


A Concept for everybody

« A concept » to animate parties between friends,

in family and to catch new people

in the music world.

è From 4 to 97 years old ç



Destined to beginners but not only, Marionito is simple, economic; it will link music, karaoke, Smartphone and social networks.


The perfect getaway

Yes, the accordion has been being for decades, but until today, it hasn’t stopped to be more complicated by increasing the quantity of its notes and voices. It is more and more complicated, heavier and expensive.  

In spite of new interest that the accordion is gaining in the musical scene, it is not known for many people (young and less young people).


 Fun for everyone

With the objective Marionito finds its first vocation, je offers a comprehensive instrument, accessible and aimed to the animation of little parties between friends.

It will be an opportunity, an excuse, a concept to share good moments. It will be the support of an assisted or improvised karaoke. It will be the vector’s share of music, songs and happiness all around the world by the community.

It is the accordion 2.0

To be equiped


From the same base, it will be more or less equiped;

Ø  For people of 4 years old

Ø  For teenagers which could animate parties between friends

Ø  For singers who wish be accompanied without needing a long learning pathways

Ø  For seniors who could continue to party

Ø  For professionals that are looking for an “all-purpose” instrument, for improvised animations on small circle…


It is a real instrument, in its wood case; its reeds of music play different animated sounds for the draught created by the action of the bellows.

A built-in speaker could serve as a broadcaster of accompanying sound files and others derived from Smartphone or tablets.

A community in internet is composed of practitioners through the world will share experiences, creations to make evolve the practice of this instrument. The promotion of this instrument will be made by the internet community all over the world.

It will be given with a first kit of music rewritten and lyrics. This kit will be rich because of the sharing in the community. Via this community, the “accordionists” practitioners will find the share of music in the world.


They will share their videos, music, partitions and happiness of sharing.